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Q. Where can I find your MSDS or technical information?
A. Send a request to and they will provide you with the information

Q. Can I buy a mister or fogging machine on its own?
A. No, we only supply this in a combo with our alcohol-free misting sanitizing liquid

Q. Where can I see more products
A. You can view products on our website under "shop"

Q. What is the difference between airless and ULV
A. Airless refers to the fact that it does not rely on a stand alone compressor, ULV or ultra low volume gun works on the same principle, however it can atomize the particles down to .25 microns.

Q. Can I use 70% Alcohol Sanitizer with the mister / sprayer?
A. No

Q. Can your Sani fog liquid be used in any fogger?
A. No. It can be used in any fogger, sprayer or mister; but it cannot be used in disco hot foggers

Q. As someone who wants to start a business, I understand that you also need to give a safe occupation certificate upon completion; where do I get this?
A. We can provide you with the safety information to use on your own certificate or document that you will provide to your client

Q. Do I need to complete a course to give out certificates
A. No, we will provide sufficient training to use the product

Q. After you have sprayed an area, do you also need to wipe it down?
A. No

Q. On what items can I use your sanitizer?
A. Sani Med is suitable to use on all types of surfaces; it is non-corrosive and doesn't leave any residue or stickiness

Q. If I want to start a sanitizing business, what would your suggested combo sprayer to use?
A. HVLP airless sprayer

Q. How much do you need to use?
A. The average usage is 500ml liquid (half a litre) per 100 sqm; depending on which applicator / machine you use

Q. How much does your product cost?
A. Refer to the "shop" page on our website for current stock and prices

Q. Do you have a store that I can visit?
A. Yes, we have a factory and shop in Retreat and a satellite shop in Milnerton (only by prior arrangement in Milnerton)

Q. Where are you located?
A. We have a factory and shop in Retreat and a satellite shop in Milnerton