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12 X 500ml Imazigard Dual Function Aerosol/Fogger (R185 each)

  • Product Code: 12 X 500ml Imazigard Dual Function Aerosol/Fogger
  • Availability: In Stock

R2,553.00 Ex Vat: R2,220.00

  • Antimicrobial aerosol fogger
  • Can be used as a room fogger or aerosol spray for surfaces
  • Covers 150 cubic square meters per 500ml unit
  • A blend of anti-fungal, antisporulant and broad-spectrum biocides
  • Presented in fogging total release canisters or bulk for manual fogging/spraying
  • Proven effectiveness against viruses

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Tags: Cannister, fogger, aerosol, antimicrobial, alcohol-free, room fogger, sanitizing fogger, sanitizing spray, sanitizing aerosol