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Ryobi PS900 500W electric HVLP spray gun

  • Product Code: Ryobi-PS900
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R1,955.00 Ex Vat: R1,700.00

Ryobi - Spray Gun HVLP - 500W

Sprayer with an HVLP spraying technology providing professional operation. Simple maintenance with a removable front end Perfect for indoor & outdoor use.  Corded Electric Spray Gun, PS-900, 900ml, 500W. Ryobi started their operations 60 years ago in Japan and since have become a leading supplier of die-cast aluminium power equipment in the world, creating safe, easy-to-use products that are durable and highly functional. Product specifications: Voltage: 230V 50Hz Power input: 500W Water flow rate: 900ml/min Max viscosity: 100DIN-s Nozzle: 2mm (diameter) x 2.5mm x 3mm Cup volume: 900ml Weight: 1.5kg

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